Everybody's Fool

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"Everybody's Fool"
Single by Evanescence
from the album Fallen
ReleasedMay 31, 2004
GenreNu metal
Producer(s)Dave Fortman
Evanescence singles chronology
"My Immortal"
"Everybody's Fool"
"Call Me When You're Sober"
Music video
"Everybody's Fool" at YouTube

"Everybody's Fool" is the fourth and last single off American rock band Evanescence's first studio album Fallen. The song was released in 19 April 2004

The song was written five years before the album was released. Amy Lee said that the song is about celebrities that have false images. Lee said in an interview: "My little sister was really getting into these, I don't want to offend anyone, but like really fake, cheesy, slutty female cracker-box idols, and it really pissed me off. She started dressing like them and she was like 8 years old. So I gave her the talk and I wrote a song."[1] She also later revealed that it was written for pop singers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera saying, "At this point, everybody knows that Britney is fake. The song is not about Britney Spears; it's about a lot of people in this industry. It's so fake, the whole Hollywood thing. 'Look at how perfect I am!' Nobody looks like that. It's all fake and it's really hurting a lot of girls' and women's self images. Where are all the normal people?".[2]

On the Billboard charts, "Everybody's Fool" was able to peak at #36 on Alternative Songs chart.[3]

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