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David Ewen Gilmour[1] (c. 1963 – 2 October 2014), commonly known as Ewen Gilmour, was a New Zealand comedian and television presenter.

Gilmour began his comedy career in 1995.[2] He shared the first Billy T Award with Cal Wilson in 1997.[3] He won the Decade Award - Best Male Comedian - 2000 to 2010 at the 2010 NZ Comedy Guild Awards.[3] In 2012, he returned to the New Zealand International Comedy Festival "for the first time in a couple of years" with a one hour show called "S'Truth".[4]

He has made many appearances on New Zealand television, including Pulp Comedy (1995), Intrepid Journeys - Peru (2003), Celebrity Treasure Island (2003), Dancing with the Stars series one (2005), and Comedy Christmas Cracker (2010).[2] He was the host of the TV3 show "Road Madness", mainly about dangerous driving on New Zealand roads, which first aired in 2012.[5]

On 3 October 2014 it was reported Gilmour died in his sleep, aged 51.[6]

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