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Eyek Leima

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Eyek Leima is a primordial goddess in Meitei mythology and religion. She is the female divinity and the divine personification of intelligence, knowledge, learning, skills and wisdom. She is mentioned in the Wakoklon Heelel Thilen Salai Amailon Pukok Puya as a goddess living in the tongue of goddess Leimarel Sidabi (Old Manipuri: Leimalel Sitapi). She has been described with different names in various scriptures, including Singjakhombi (Singchakhompi), Lairik Leima (Lailik Leima), Humpu Leima, Nareng Lei Shubi (Naleng Lei Shupi), Maheigi Lairembi (Maheiki Lailempi) and Anji Leima.