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FC Dinamo București

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Dinamo București in 1953.

Fotbal Club Dinamo București (Usually just called Dinamo) is a Romanian association football club from Bucharest, Romania. The team is one of the most successful clubs in Romania, having won 18 Romanian Liga I titles, 13 Romanian Cups and 2 Supercupa României. They reached the semi-finals of the 1983–84 European Cup, only to be defeated by Liverpool 3–1.

The club was founded in 1948, and is one of the few to stay in the Liga I for it's entire history. The team's traditional home colours are white and red. Also, the club's biggest rival is Steaua Bucuresti.

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  3. The goal of Gabi Balint was canceled because of an offside, at the signalling of assistant referee George Ionescu. Steaua retired from the field (after the command of Valentin Ceaușescu, the son of president Nicolae Ceaușescu) but the Romanian Football Federation offered the Cup to Steaua București. In 1990, Steaua renounced at this trophy because it was won unjust.