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FIFA Women's World Ranking

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Top 20 rankings as of 7 December 2018[1]
Rank Change Team Points
1 Steady  United States 2123
2 Steady  Germany 2057
3 Increase 1  France 2046
4 Decrease 1  England 2021
5 Steady  Canada 2006
6 Steady  Australia 1999
7 Increase 3  Netherlands 1987
8 Decrease 1  Japan 1984
9 Steady  Sweden 1976
10 Decrease 2  Brazil 1964
11 Steady  North Korea 1938
12 Steady  Spain 1920
13 Steady  Norway 1902
14 Steady  South Korea 1880
15 Steady  China 1871
16 Increase 1  Italy 1859
17 Decrease 1  Denmark 1842
18 Steady  Switzerland 1832
19 Increase 1  New Zealand 1819
20 Decrease 1  Scotland 1810
*Change from 28 September 2018
Complete rankings at FIFA.com

The FIFA Women's World Ranking is like a list that shows how good national women's football teams are. It's made by the group that controls football worldwide, called FIFA. In August 2023, the Sweden team is at the top of the list.

They started making these rankings in 2003,[2] and the first ones came out on 16 July that year.[3][4] FIFA tries to figure out how strong the different women's teams are based on their past games. The teams that have done really well get higher ranks. Right now, there are 185 national teams in the ranking as of January 2023.

The ranking is not just for information. It's used to decide how to group teams in big international tournaments.

When the rankings come out[change | change source]

The rankings are usually published four times in a year.

When the rankings come out in 2023
Release date[5]
25 August
15 December

Teams in the lead[change | change source]

From the beginning until 25 August 2023, the top spots in the women's rankings were held only by the United States and Germany. After the 2023 World Cup, Sweden is now at the top, Germany is ranked sixth, and the USA is ranked third. Before this, the United States and Germany were in the top two places most of the time, except for six times when Germany was third. Other teams like Norway, Brazil, England, and Sweden have also been in second place during this time.

The United States stayed in the top spot for the longest time, nearly 7 years, from March 2008 to December 2014. Up until January 2022, the United States has been the leader for more than 15 years, Germany for 4.5 years, and both together for 3 months.

No. Team Confederation Days at No. 1
1  United States CONCACAF 5,715 days
2  Germany UEFA 1,701 days
3  Sweden UEFA 292 days

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