Fade (hairstyle)

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A man with a fade.

A fade or Jersey is a hairstyle. In a fade, a barber cuts the hairs at the back of the neck and sides of the head short and there is longer hair on the top of the head. The barber cuts the hair so that it is gradually longer higher up on the head.[1]

Black barbers started the word "fade" for this hairstyle in the 1980s.[1] A barber needs many different clippers and tools to make a good fade. The fade takes time and skill to cut.

In a fade, the hair on top of the head can be short, long, or shaped. Most men with fades and long hair on top use hair gel or other products to shape their hair. The short hair on the sides of the head can be all the same length, or the barber can use trimmers to make a pattern.

A man with a hi-top fade and patterns on the sides.

One type of fade, the Hi-top fade, was popular with Hip hop musicians.[1]

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