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Farringdon station is a London Underground and National Rail station in Clerkenwell, just north of the City of London in the London Borough of Islington.

Current Developments[change | change source]

Farringdon will, from 2017, be one of the country's busiest stations (if not the busiest station) by number of trains passing through, being served by both Crossrail and the upgraded Thameslink route, as well as the existing Underground lines.[1]

Thameslink upgrade[change | change source]

Farringdon station is being refurbished, to accommodate longer Thameslink trains, and to make other improvements to the station. The existing station building will be given a new roof canopy, and a new entrance and concourse facing Turnmill Street. Platforms will be widened, which will require the Cowcross Street bridge abutments to be moved. The bridge will be demolished and rebuilt once the abutments have been shifted.[2] Cowcross Street will be pedestrianised.[3] Lifts will be provided throughout.

The existing ticket hall and concourse will be remodelled.[4] Interchange within the station will be improved by means of removing the existing interchange bridge and installing new stairs and lifts with access to all four platforms, thereby allowing passengers with impaired mobility to use the station.[5]

Extensions towards the north are not planned mainly due to the steep gradient (1 in 27) of the Thameslink line immediately north of Farringdon.[6] The platforms will therefore be extended southwards, severing the two-station branch to Moorgate.[7]

The new station is commissioned from architects Aukett Fitzroy Robinson.[8] By December 2009 there was considerable activity on the site with the construction of a new permanent entrance in Turnmill Street, a new footbridge has been installed and Cardinal Tower, on the site of Crossrail’s station, was nearing complete demolition by March 2009. The Moorgate branch was decommissioned during Christmas 2009.[9]

Crossrail development[change | change source]

A 'Farringdon' Crossrail station is being built between Farringdon and Barbican underground (tube) stations and it will have interchanges with both of them.[10] Access at the Farringdon end will be via the new Thameslink ticket hall. Work will not be complete until 2017.[11]

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