Fatal Frame

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Fatal Frame know in Japan as Zero (zero) and Project Zero in Europe and Australia is a Japanese survival horor series created, developed and published by Koei Tecmo (formerly known as Tecmo). The first debuting of Fatal Frame series in 2001, called Fatal Frame for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

The series begun, when siblings Miku and Mafuyu Hinasaki (main character of the series) while Mafuyu dissapears aearching for a famous novelis in the haunted Himuro Mansion, his sisters Miku goes to inding him. During her exploration of the mansions, she discovers clues as of the fate of those who entered, then must fight hostile ghosts and discover of the truth, behind the dark ritual.

The game has consistent and existance, alongside to the other similiar horror game series, such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil series, and other invidual games haved been ranked among the best survival horror games. The Fatal Frame series has sold over one million copies along the world as of April 2014. The series has also an adaptation into manga and 2014 live-action movie.

List of games[change | change source]

The are seven games of the series, including: