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1: fatback

Fatback is a type of meat from a pig. It is made from the fat under the skin on the back of the pig. It can be served with or without the skin still on the fat. Fatback is "hard fat" and is different than the soft fat found belly of pig. Like other types of pig fat, it can be made into lard if it is processed. Fatback can be used to make salt pork, and it is used to make sausages or as an ingredient in many dishes.

Use[change | change source]

Breaded and fried fatback

Fatback is a traditional part of southern US cuisine, soul food and the traditional cuisine of Quebec. In Quebec, it is used for fried pork rinds, which is also called cracklings. Fatback is used to flavor boiled vegetables such as leaf vegetables, green beans, and black-eyed peas. Fat back can be fried, coated with breadcrumbs and fried or cooked in many other ways.

Fatback has been used for hundreds of years or more in almost every country where they eat pork. Each country has their own special dishes that use it.

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