Feliciano Canaverys Denis

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Feliciano Canaverys
Birth nameFeliciano Canaverys Denis
Born8 June 1813
Buenos Aires, Argentina
AllegianceUnited Provinces of the Río de la Plata

Feliciano Canaverys (8 June 1813 - 1840) was an Argentine military officer.

He was born in Buenos Aires. He was the son of José Canaverys and Agustina Denis. In 1830 he graduated as a Second Lieutenant of artillery.[1] In 1940 Canaverys was suspected of belonging to the Unitarian Party. He was discharged from the army, and the government quickly ordered his detention.[2] Feliciano decided to escape to Uruguay and enlist in the army of General Juan Lavalle. He traveled to Tacuarembó, but was ambushed by federales troops. After being arrested, General Manuel Oribe ordered that Feliciano be executed.[3]

The Denis family were among the first Irish settlers in Buenos Aires. They arrived to the Río de la Plata in the 17th century.[4]

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