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Ferrosilicon is a combination of iron and silicon. Between 15% and 90% of ferrosilicon is silicon. Ferrosilicon is made by burning sand while there’s iron in the sand. Ferrosilicons that contain the most silicon are made in electric arc furnaces.

Perryite is a rock that is a combination of iron and silicon.

When ferrosilicon is touching water, it may slowly make hydrogen. Ferrosilicon is used by the military to quickly produce hydrogen for balloons. The chemical reaction uses sodium hydroxide, ferrosilicon, and water. The generator is small enough to fit in a truck and needs only a small amount of electric power. The materials are stable and not combustible, and they do not make hydrogen until mixed.[1]

Ferrosilicon is used to get oxygen out of steel. Magnesium is made by combining ferrosilicon with dolomite.

Hydrogen production[change | change source]

Ferrosilicon is used to make hydrogen in the military.

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