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Great banyan tree kol.jpg
The Great Banyan in Howrah, Kolkata
Banyan fruit Ficusbenghalensis IGZoopark Visakhapatnam.JPG
Banyan figs at Indira Gandhi Zoo Park, Visakhapatnam
Scientific classification
Ficus benghalensis
Binomial name
Ficus benghalensis
L. 1753
  • Ficus banyana Oken
  • Ficus benghalensis var. krishnae (C. D. C.) Corner
  • Ficus chauvieri G. Nicholson
  • Ficus cotoneifolia Vahl
  • Ficus cotonifolia Stokes
  • Ficus crassinervia Kunth & C. D. Bouché
  • Ficus karet Baill.
  • Ficus krishnae C. D. C.
  • Ficus lancifolia Moench
  • Ficus lasiophylla Link
  • Ficus procera Salisb.
  • Ficus pubescens B. Heyne ex Roth
  • Ficus umbrosa Salisb.
  • Perula benghalensis Raf.
  • Urostigma benghalense (L.) Gasp.
  • Urostigma crassirameum Miq.
  • Urostigma procerum Miq.
  • Urostigma pseudorubrum Miq.
  • Urostigma rubescens Miq.
  • Urostigma sundaicum Miq.
  • Urostigma tjiela Miq.[1]

The Indian banyan (Ficus benghalensis) is a tree that grows in India and Bangladesh. Some Indian banyan trees are among the largest trees in the world. It is recognized as the National trees of both countries of the Indian subcontinent

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