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FileZilla Client
FileZilla Icon
FileZilla 3.7.3.png
FileZilla 3.7.3 running under Ubuntu MATE
Developer(s)Tim Kosse
Initial release22 June 2001; 21 years ago (2001-06-22)
Stable release
3.58.0-rc1[1] / 3 February 2022; 1 June 2022; Error: first parameter cannot be parsed as a date or time. (3 February 2022; 1 June 2022)
Written inC++, wxWidgets
Operating systemCross-platform
Size7.3 MB
Available inMultilingual
TypeFTP client
LicenseGNU General Public License Version 2

FileZilla is a free Open Source FTP program. The program is designed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.[2] FileZilla was the project of the month on SourceForge for November, 2003.[3]

History[change | change source]

Initially, FileZilla was created as a computer science class project in the second week of January 2001 by Tim Kosse and his two other classmates.

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