Firestar's Quest (Warriors)

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All seems well in the land of the four Clans. Firestar, the leader of ThunderClan, is proud that the Clans are at peace and thriving. But his dreams are being haunted by wailing cats, fleeing some terrible disaster. With some help from an old kittypet friend he discovers a shocking secret: StarClan, his ancient ancestors, have lied to him. Now he faces a hard decision. Can he really abandon his Clan in search of a dark secret, hidden from memory? With Sandstorm at his side he foes on a perilous journey to recover a missing Clan. Nothing will ever be the same again.

As it is a Warriors book, it is written by Erin Hunter.

Setting[change | change source]

At first it takes place at the New Forest. Soon, it's a journey.

Plot[change | change source]

The story begins with Firestar out in the forest. He gets caught by his own apprentice, Bramblepaw. The next day he becomes a warrior, Brambleclaw. Meanwhile, Firestar's dreams become disturbed by wailing cats, and he eventually goes to the Moonstone, looking for answers. He finds out that the cats are SkyClan cats, the lost Clan from many moons ago. There, he has a discussion with his closest friends, who are his deputy, Graystripe, his medicine cat, Cinderpelt, and his mate, Sandstorm. They decide that Firestar must go. He picks up Sandstorm on his way out of the camp, and heads off along the river.

He now goes along through a storm, and loses Sandstorm. Because of that, he stays a few days in the nearby village to look for her. One he finds her, the pair continue, and find the end of the stream. There, they seek out the last descendant of SkyClan, and talk to him. They are then given their mission: Rebuild SkyClan before it is gone forever. They find many cats, join them up if they choose, and teach them about the ways of the Clans.

They pick up more and more cats, and eventually, the newly rebuilt SkyClan along with Firestar and his mate fight a gigantic swarm of rats. There, their mission is complete. The first SkyClan's enemies are gone, SkyClan is rebuilt, and the modern SkyClan is now the fifth Clan. There are six Clans once again. ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, SkyClan, and StarClan are once again all the Clans in history.

The end shows Sandstorm and Firestar with their two kits, Leafkit, named for Leafstar, leader of SkyClan, and Squirrelkit, named for her bushy tail.