Firooz Bahram High School

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Firooz Bahram High School
دبیرستان فیروز بهرام
High school tehran2.jpg
Firooz Bahram High School entrance
ST Mirza Kuckkhan, Tehran, Iran

Coordinates35°41′43″N 51°24′50″E / 35.69539°N 51.41385°E / 35.69539; 51.41385Coordinates: 35°41′43″N 51°24′50″E / 35.69539°N 51.41385°E / 35.69539; 51.41385
FounderBhramjy Bikajy

Firooz Bahram High School (Persian: دبیرستان فیروزبهرام‎) is one of Tehran's oldest high schools.

The architecture of the building belongs to Qajar era of Iran. It is a historical place of Tehran.

This school was built in 1932, on Zoroastrian land. The school was named after an Iranian Zoroastrian named Firooz. He died in the Mediterranean Sea in World War I.

The school's establishment was supported by Keikhosrow Shahrokh, the Zoroastrian representative in Iranian Parliament.[1]

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