Firozabad rail disaster

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Firozabad rail disaster is the second most worst rail accident in India after the Bihar train derailment. It occurred on 20 August 1995 near Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Accident[change | change source]

Firozabad rail disaster happened at 02:55 [1]when a passenger train named Kalindi Express from Kanpur Railway station collided with Purushottam Express from Puri. At first the Kalindi Express from Kanpur Railway station struck a cow but was unable to proceed further as its brakes were damaged.Next the Purushottam Express from Puri struck the Kalindi Express behind with a speed of 70 kmph.[2]

The last three carriages of the Kalindi Express and two carriages along with the engine of Purushottam Express got destroyed. About 358 passengers were reported dead in this deadly rail disaster.[3]

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