First Battle of Champagne

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First Battle of Champagne
Part of the Western Front of the World War I

Waiting for the attack, in the trench.
Date20 December 1914 – 17 March 1915
49°11′04″N 04°32′39″E / 49.18444°N 4.54417°E / 49.18444; 4.54417
Result Inconclusive
 France  German Empire
Commanders and leaders
French Third Republic Joseph Joffre
French Third Republic Langle de Cary
German Empire Erich von Falkenhayn
German Empire Karl von Einem
French Third Republic Fourth Army German Empire 3rd Army
Casualties and losses
French Third Republic 93,432 German Empire 46,100
Champagne is located in France
Champagne-Ardenne, a former administrative region of France, in the north-east, bordering Belgium

The First Battle of Champagne was a battle of the First World War which happened from 20 December 1914 to 17 March 1915 in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France.[1] The battle was fought by the French Fourth Army and the German 3rd Army.

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