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First Republic of Venezuela

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The First Republic of Venezuela was a short-lived independent republic set up in New Granada in 1811 during the South American Wars of Liberation. lasting from 5 July 1811, to 25 July 1812. The period of the First Republic began with the overthrow of the Spanish colonial authorities Venezuela is notable for being the first Spanish American colony to declare its independence.

American Confederation of Venezuela/States of Venezuela/United States of Venezuela
Confederación americana de Venezuela/Estados de Venezuela/Estados Unidos de Venezuela
Coat of arms of Venezuela
Coat of arms
The First Republic of Venezuela
The First Republic of Venezuela
StatusUnrecognized state
Common languagesSpanish
• 1811–12
Cristóbal Mendoza, Juan Escalona, Baltazar Padrón
• 1812
Francisco Espejo, Fernando Rodriguez, Francisco J. Ustariz
• 1812
Francisco de Miranda
Historical eraSpanish American wars of independence
5 July 1811
25 July 1812
ISO 3166 codeVE
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Captaincy General of Venezuela
Supreme Junta
Captaincy General of Venezuela
Second Republic of Venezuela