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Flag football is a version of American or Canadian football. The rules are not very different to those of the regular game. Instead of tackling players to the ground, the other team must pull a flag or flag belt off of the player carrying the ball.[1] Flag football is a game played with no padding. Full contact is not allowed. The first game of flag football was played in the 1930s.[2] It was later played on military bases in the 1940s as a game for the military.[2]

Flag football games are 36 minutes long.[1] They are divided into two 18-minute halves. The only time the clock is stopped is in the last two minutes.

Scoring[change | change source]

To score a touchdown, a player must cross the ball over the goal line. This is worth 6 points.[1] There are 1 options for an extra point. The scoring team can try to run the ball into the endzone from either the 3 yard line or the 10 yard line. The 3 yd line is worth 1 point and the 10 yd line is worth 2.[1] If the flag of the player who has the ball is pulled while that person is in their own end zone, it is called a safety. The other team gets two points for this.

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