Flag of Christmas Island

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The flag of Christmas Island.

The flag of Christmas Island was adopted in 1986. It was designed by Tony Couch of Sydney, Australia.

Symbol of the Island[change | change source]

The blue field means the sea that surrounds the island while the green field means the plants of the island. The southern cross appears in the blue field, showing Christmas Island's connection with Australia as well as its location in the southern hemisphere. The bird is a Golden Bosun, native to the island. The yellow disc means the island's history in mining. There is a map of the island in the centre of the disc.

History of the Flag[change | change source]

Creation[change | change source]

In 1986, the Christmas Island Assembly held a competition for people to create a flag and coat of arms for Christmas Island. There was a prize of 100$ for the winner. Around 69 entries were submitted to the competition. The winning submission was made by Tony Couch, a man who lived in Sydney. The new flag was announced on April 14, 1986 by the Christmas Island Assembly.

Use of the Flag[change | change source]

The flag became the official (government accepted) flag of Christmas Island on January 26, 2002. This day is also Australia Day.