Coat of arms of New York

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State of New York
Flag of New York.svg
Use Civil and state flag
Adopted April 2, 1901; 117 years ago (1901-04-02)
Standard Governor of New York.svg
Variant flag of State of New York
Name Flag of the Governor of New York
Coat of arms of the State of New York
Coat of Arms of New York.svg
Seal of New York.svg
Great Seal of the State of New York
Armiger State of New York
Adopted 1778 (Seal and CoA)
Escutcheon Azure, in a landscape, the sun in fess, rising in splendor or, behind a range of three mountains, the middle one the highest; in base a ship and sloop under sail, passing and about to meet on a river, bordered below by a grassy shore fringed with shrubs, all proper.
Supporters Liberty and Justice
Motto Excelsior

The coat of arms of the state of New York was formally adopted in 1778, and appears as a component of the state's flag and seal.

The shield displays a masted ship and a sloop on the Hudson River (symbols of inland and foreign commerce), bordered by a grassy shore and a mountain range in the background with the sun rising behind it. The unheraldic nature of the Hudson River landscape reveals the modern origin of the design.