Flag of Portland, Oregon

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Flag of the City of Portland
Flag of Portland, Oregon.svg
UseCivil and state flag
DesignNordic Cross design with Blue stripe surrounded by a yellow stripe within a white stripe, on a green background.
Designed byDouglas Lynch

The city flag of Portland, Oregon, consists of a green field on which is placed a white four-pointed star from which radiate blue stripes, each bordered by L-shaped yellow lines. Narrow white lines separate the blue and yellow elements from each other and from the green background. Officially the flag has a height of 3 feet and a length of 5 feet.

City ordinance 176874, adopted September 4, 2002, designates the design and what it means. Green stands for "the forests and our green City"; yellow for "agriculture and commerce"; blue for "our rivers".[1] Portland straddles the Willamette River near its joining with the Columbia River. City Ordinance 186794, adopted September 3, 2014, updated the proportions and the Pantone color specifications: White, PMS 279 (Blue); PMS 349 (Green); and PMS 1235 (Yellow).

The flag was designed in 1969 by a longtime Portland resident, noted graphic designer R. Douglas Lynch (1913–2009). The version of the flag adopted at that time included, over Lynch's objections, a dark blue canton containing the city seal in yellow and white; in 2002 Lynch and fellow members of the Portland Flag Association persuaded the city council to simplify the design to better reflect his original intent.[2]

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