Flag of Thailand

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NameTrairanga (Thai: ธงไตรรงค์, RTGS: Thong Trairong), "Tricolour flag"
UseCivil and state flag, civil and state ensign
Adopted28 September 1917
DesignFive horizontal stripes of red, white, blue, white and red, the middle stripe twice as wide as the others
Designed byKing Vajiravudh (Rama VI)
Variant flag of Thailand
NameThai: ธงราชนาวี (RTGS: Thong Ratchanawi), "Royal Navy flag"
UseNaval ensign
Adopted28 September 1917
DesignA red disc containing a white elephant in regalia centred on the national flag

The Flag of Thailand has five stripes red, white, and blue. Red-white-blue stand for nation-religion-king, an unofficial motto of Thailand. The flag was made official on 28 September 1917 by a royal decree. The Thai name for the flag is ธงไตรรงค์ ("Thong Trairong"), which means "tricolour flag".[1]

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