Flinders Ranges

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Flinders Ranges
The Flinders Ranges from Devil's Peak
Highest point
PeakSt Mary Peak
Elevation1,171 m (3,842 ft)[1]
Length430 km (265 mi)[2] north/south
Flinders Ranges is located in South Australia
Flinders Ranges
StateSouth Australia
Range coordinates30°55′S 138°37′E / 30.917°S 138.617°E / -30.917; 138.617Coordinates: 30°55′S 138°37′E / 30.917°S 138.617°E / -30.917; 138.617

The Flinders Ranges are a group of mountains in South Australia. They have been listed as one of Australia's outstanding national landscapes.[3] The were named "Flinders Range" in 1839 by explorer Edward John Eyre who was searching for an overland route from Adelaide to Port Lincoln.[4] The ranges were home to the Adnyamathanha, an indigenous Australian people, for thousands of years.[4] Their paintings and rock carvings can be found throughout the area. A large area is protected by the Flinders Ranges National Park. Important towns in the Flinders Ranges include Hawker, Quorn, Wilpena Pound and Leigh Creek.

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