Flying snake

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The flying snake, or Chrysopelea, is a mildly venomous snake found throughout India to the Indonesian archipelago.[1] It can glide, in an arboreal habitat, going from tree to tree, most likely, much like the draco lizard. They're better at "flying" than another species of animal similar to this - the flying squirrel.

Defense[change | change source]

The flying snake has venom, but much like garter snakes, the snake is so small that the amount of toxins in their saliva is only enough to kill their prey, which will be covered later on in the section about the flying snake's diet. If challenged by an animal far bigger than their venom can bring down, they might bite anyway just to give the predator a great deal of pain, or may choose flight rather than fight and "fly" away.

Diet[change | change source]

The flying snake's usual diet consists mainly of lizards, birds, frogs, bats, small mice and other rodents, which they catch during the day since they're a diurnal creature.

Species of flying snake[change | change source]

There are five known species of flying snake, which are the following:

  • Moluccan flying snake
  • Sri Lankan flying snake
  • Paradise tree snake
  • Ornate flying snake
  • Twin-barred tree snake

References[change | change source]

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