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Foligar Kum Lang preparing for a video broadcast.

Foligar Kum Lang (b. November 6, 1976) is a political activist in Cameroon He leads the Cameroon Reformation Party (CRP) which he founded in August 2010. He is campaigning to unseat long-time President Paul Biya through a democratic election process.

Early life and education[change | change source]

Lang was born in Cameroon's Northwest Region. His village, Weh, is in the Menchum department, an area of the country where many people work in subsistence farming. His father, Peter Lang, worked as a civil servant. He had also been a Commonwealth soldier in the Second World War. Foligar Lang's mother, Grace Lang, worked as a housewife. She was one of Peter Lang’s several wives.

Lang went to the Government Primary School in Weh, an independent preparatory school. He then went on to the National Comprehensive College in Limbe as a day student. He was a good student, getting two ‘E’ grades in his A-levels. He was also active in youth activities and ogot interested in opposition political matters.

When he finished secondary school, Lang got a job as a delivery agent for the DHL company in Limbe. After two years at that job, he traveled to South Africa.

Political activity[change | change source]

In August 2010, Lang formed the Cameroon Reformation Party (CRP). This was especially interesting for people from Cameroon living abroad who wanted to go back to their country under better conditions. Lang suggested many ideas to improve the country with more tolerance and honest government practices.

Lang especially wants to change the head of state, because President Paul Biya has served since he was appointed in 1982 by his predecessor who left office. President Biya first headed a one-party government and only allowed opposition political parties since 1990. Since then he has been re-elected many times. This was made possible because in 2008 the country's National Assembly voted to lift the limit on terms of office. Questions have been raised inside Cameroon and abroad about whether there was fraud in these elections.[1]

Foligar Lang organized a union amongst Cameroonian political parties opposed to the government. He arranged several conferences in the United Kingdom: in Leicester, Coventry, and Birmingham.

Lang became known for publicizing the death of a pregnant woman and her twin babies in front of La Quantininie Hospital in Douala. He was a solo protester outside the Cameroonian High Commission in London. Lang accused the Cameroonian government and its medical system for mistreating the citizens.

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