Football League Third Division North

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Football League Third Division North
Organising bodyThe Football League
Other club(s) fromWales
Number of teams20 (1921–1923)
22 (1923–1950)
24 (1950–1958)
Level on pyramid3
Promotion toSecond Division
Domestic cup(s)FA Cup
League cup(s)Third Division North Cup
(1933–1939, 1945–1946)
Last championsScunthorpe United
Most championshipsDoncaster Rovers,
Lincoln City (3 titles)

The Third Division North was the 3rd division of the English football league system between 1921 to 1958. It ran along with the Third Division South, with clubs being either elected to the League or relegated from a higher division allocated to either league based on their geographical location. Some clubs in the English Midlands shuffled between the Third Division North and the Third Division South based on the composition of the two leagues.

Its final season was the 1957–58 season. After that season, the North and South sections were merged to form the Third Division and the Fourth Division.

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