Fort Abbas

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Fort Abbas was formerly known as "Pholra". In 1927, Nawab Sir Sadiq Abbasi changed this name and gave it the name of his elder son, Muhammad Abbas.

History[change | change source]

Fort Abbas is a historic city of Bahawalnagar District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. This city is on the border and the language is Punjabi. Fort Abbas is a largest tehsil by land area. It is one of the five tehsils of Bahawal Nagar district. It is connected with other parts of the country through road and railway track. One side is connected with the Pakistan/India border. Internet, telephone, and mobile are available.

Fort Abbas has forest, desert and agricultural land. Major crops are wheat, cotton and sugar cane.

Historically it's part of Abbasi state Bahawalpur. Once River Ghagra passed through and the city was on the bank of the river. Now nothing is there, even the city fort is demolished.

Agriculture[change | change source]

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, BWN Campus made a research study on climate and agricultural conditions in Fort Abbas. They found that a lot of the area is not appropriate for crops and vegetation. There are lot of reasons behind it:

  • desert
  • water supply is not enough
  • people do not have agricultural knowledge and formal education
  • lake of phosphoros and zinc in land of Fort Abbas