Fort William, India

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Fort William
Kolkata, India
Fort William, a view from the inside, c. 1828
Coordinates22°33′28″N 88°20′17″E / 22.5577°N 88.3380°E / 22.5577; 88.3380
TypeFortress, garrisoned and armoured Army Headquarters.
Site information
Controlled byBritish East India Company
Siraj Ud Daulah
Indian Army (Current)
Site history
In use1781 - present
Battles/warsBattle of Plassey
Garrison information
GarrisonEastern Command

Fort William was the fort that was granted (Britishers were allowed to construct it on the grounds of Bengal) to the Britishers by the Nawab of Bengal for their short termed loyalty and sincerity they showed towards the Nawab.