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Fourth Rutte cabinet

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The Fourth Rutte cabinet, also called Rutte IV cabinet or Rutte IV, is the current government of the Netherlands.

It was sworn in on January 10, 2022. It is named after Prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD).

It is a coalition of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), Democrats 66 (D66), the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA), and the ChristianUnion (CU), the same parties of the previous government.

VVD is a conservative liberal and D66 a social liberal party. CDA is a Christian democratic and CU an orthodox Christian democratic party.

The Fourth Rutte cabinet has 77 (originally 78) seats in the House of Representatives and 32 seats in the Senate.

Deputy Prime Ministers are Rob Jetten (was Sigrid Kaag) (both D66, first), Karien van Gennip (was Wopke Hoekstra) (both CDA, second), and Carola Schouten (CU, third).

It was preceded by the Third Rutte cabinet.

On 7 July, 2023, the cabinet fell, after they were not able to agree on a way to limit the amount of refugees flooding the country.

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