Fox Mulder

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Fox Mulder
First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance I Want to Believe
Portrayed by David Duchovny
Occupation FBI Special agent
Family C.G.B. Spender (bio. father)
William Mulder (father)
Teena Mulder (mother)
Samantha Mulder (sister)
William Scully Jr (son)[1]

Fox Mulder is one of the main characters in the science-fiction show The X-Files. He is an FBI agent working in the section called the X-Files. He works together with his partner Dana Scully to figure out answers to questions in the X-Files. The questions he looks at are usually about aliens or the paranormal. Later, Mulder begins to date Scully in season 7 of the show.[2]

Mulder has a sister named Samantha Mulder. He spends a lot of time looking for her. Later in the show, Mulder finds out that his sister was kidnapped by aliens and the government.

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