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Francisco Núñez Olivera (13 December 1904 – 29 January 2018[1]),[2] age 113 years, 47 days, for a brief time was recognized as the oldest man in the world.[3][4] He was born at Extremadura, and joined the army at 19 to fight in the Rif War.[2][5]

Núñez Olivera had his kidney removed when he was 90 and a cataract operation aged 98,[5] and is a veteran of the Spanish Civil War. He was nicknamed "Marchena" after Pepe Marchena, due to his resemblance to the singer.[2][3] With the death of Israeli supercentenarian Yisrael Kristal on 11 August 2017,[6] Núñez became the worlds oldest living man. He died on 29 January 2018.[1]

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Oldest living man in the world
August 11, 2017 – January 29, 2018
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