Friedrich III of Germany

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Friedrich III
Kaiser Friedrich III Porträt.jpg

Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl von Hohenzollern (New Palace, Potsdam 18 October 1831 - New Palace, Potsdam 15 June 1888[1]) was the only son of Wilhelm I.

After his father's death on 9 March 1888 Friedrich Wilhelm became King of Prussia and German Emperor as Friedrich III, but he was already suffering from throat cancer[1] and died after just 99 days on the throne.

On 25 January 1858[1] he married Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom, eldest child of Queen Victoria and Albert the Prince Consort. They had seven children. The oldest, Friedrich Wilhelm, followed him as King and Emperor.

Friedrich Wilhelm III died of throat cancer in Potsdam. He is buried next to his wife in the Mausoleum of the Friedenskirche in Sanssouci Park, Potsdam.[1]

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