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Frotteuristic disorder[change | change source]

Frotteuristic disorder, or frotteurism, is a rare and poorly researched type of paraphilia. It involves the act of touching or rubbing one’s genitals against another non-consenting individual in a sexual manner to attain sexual gratification.

Etiology[change | change source]

The exact etiology is not known, but many theories exist regarding the cause of frotteurism. Psychoanalysts propose that individuals with frotteurism may have unmet needs to rub themselves against the victim and cuddle, like an infant with his mother. Individuals engaging in these behaviors may fantasize that they share an exclusive and caring relationship with their non-consenting victims during the act.

Kurt Freu has proposed that these individuals may also have problems with tactile interactions that may occur during normal human erotic or sexual interactions. There has been some research to postulate a biological mechanism, primarily the monoamine pathway, resulting in abnormal sexual behavior.