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This is what a fruitarian would mainly eat. Over 75% of their diet would be purely fruit.

Fruitarianism is a diet where people mostly eat fruits, and possibly nuts and seeds, without animal products. Fruitarianism is a strict of dietary veganism.

Fruitarians can become a fruitarian for different reasons, including ethical, religious, environmental, cultural, economic, and health reasons. There are many types of the diet. Some people whose diet consists of 75% or more fruit consider themselves fruitarians.


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Some fruitarians will eat only what comes naturally from a plant: foods that can be harvested without killing or harming the plant. These foods consist primarily of culinary fruits, nuts, and seeds.  Some do not eat grains, believing it is unnatural to. Some fruitarians feel that humans shouldn't to eat seeds as they contain future plants,or nuts and seeds, or any foods besides juicy fruits. Others believe they should eat only plants that spread seeds when the plant is eaten. Others eat seeds and some cooked foods. Some fruitarians use beanspeas, or other legumes. Other fruitarians' diets include raw fruits, dried fruits, nuts, honey and olive oil, or fruits, nuts, beans and chocolate.SO different fruitarians do different things.


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Some fruitarians who hold Judeo-Christian beliefs hold that fruitarianism was the original diet of humankind in the form of Adam and Eve, based on the Book of Genesis. They believe that a return to an Eden-like paradise will require simple living a health and diet.  Another common motivation is the desire to eliminate perceived toxicity within the body. For others, the appeal of a fruitarian diet comes from the challenge that the restrictive nature of this diet provides.


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