Full Circle (Drowning Pool album)

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Full Circle
Studio album by Drowning Pool
Released August 7, 2007
Recorded Dallas, Texas 2006-2007
Genre Post-grunge
Alternative metal
Length 49:02
Label Eleven Seven Records
Producer Ben Schigel
Nikki Sixx
DJ Ashba
Singles from Full Circle
  1. "Soldiers"
    Released: 2007
  2. "Enemy"
    Released: 2007
  3. "37 Stitches"
    Released: 2008
  4. "Shame"
    Released: 2009

Full Circle is the third album from hard rock band Drowning Pool. It is their first release with former Soil singer Ryan McCombs, who joined the band after the departure of Jason 'Gong' Jones in 2005. It was released on August 7, 2007. This album has more of a post-grunge sound compared to the last two releases by the band and is less heavy as well. The first single off the album, "Soldiers," is dedicated to all the men and women of the United States Army.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Full Circle"   Drowning Pool 3:18
2. "Enemy"   Drowning Pool 3:26
3. "Shame"   Drowning Pool 3:10
4. "Reborn"   Drowning Pool 4:09
5. "Reason I'm Alive"   Sixx 3:50
6. "Soldiers"   Drowning Pool 3:31
7. "Paralyzed"   Drowning Pool 3:42
8. "Upside Down"   Drowning Pool 4:18
9. "37 Stitches"   Drowning Pool 3:50
10. "No More"   Drowning Pool 4:35
11. "Love X2"   Drowning Pool 3:25
12. "Duet"   Drowning Pool 3:21
13. "Rebel Yell" (Billy Idol cover) Idol, Stevens 4:22