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Fusa Tatsumi

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Fusa Tatsumi, c. 1920s

Fusa Tatsumi (巽フサ, Tatsumi Fusa, 25 April 1907 – 12 December 2023) was a Japanese supercentenarian. At aged 116 years, 231 days, she was Japan's oldest living person since the death of Kane Tanaka on 19 April 2022.[1][2]

Fusa Tatsumi was born in Yao, Osaka Prefecture, Empire of Japan on 25 April 1907.[1] Tatsumi moved into the Hakuto nursing home in Kashiwara, Osaka Prefecture, Japan in 2013.

At aged 110, she was still able to do her own makeup.[3] She then became bedridden and could not speak as much.[4][5]

Tatsumi died on 12 December 2023 at 9:25 AM at the age of 116.[6]

She had trouble breathing in December 2023 until she died.

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