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Future Trunks is a fictional character of the Dragon Ball franchise. He is the son of Bulma and Vegeta. Trunks is the only fighter of his timeline.

Future Trunks
Dragon Ball character
Created byAkira Toriyama
Full nameTrunks Briefs
SpeciesHuman-Saiyan hybrid
Occupationmartial artist Swordsman
AffiliationZ-fighters The Resistance
FamilyVegeta(father) Bulma(mother)
Significant other(s)Gohan(master) Future Mai(Closest friend)

Mrs Briefs(grandmother)

King Vegeta(grandfather deceased)
HomeCapsule Corp

Future Trunks is mainly seen in Dragon Ball Super.

Appearances[change | change source]

Trunks was first shown as a baby when the heart virus killed Goku and the androids #18 and #17 killed most of the fighters. Trunks and his master Gohan were the only fighters that were not killed. Trunks trained to become Super Saiyan. He did this so he could fight the androids.

Trunks and Gohan decided to fight the androids but again the androids won. Gohan lost an arm in the fight. Trunks tried to transform into a Super Saiyan but he failed. Trunks tried to stop Gohan from fighting the androids alone but was knocked out by his master to keep him safe. Trunks woke up and learned that that Gohan had went to fight the androids alone. When Trunks got to the scene of the fight. he found Gohan was dead. This was what was needed for him to change into a Super Saiyan.

Three years later, Trunks prepared himself for the fight against the androids. His mother, Bulma, created a time machine that was to be used if Trunks fails. Trunks fought the androids with Super Saiyan power. He did well for a time but he eventually fails and had to escape. He returned to capsule Corp and planned to go back to the past and change it. This would also change his present time.