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GG Allin
Born (1956-08-29)August 29, 1956
Lancaster, New Hampshire
Died June 28, 1993(1993-06-28) (aged 36)
New York City, New York
Cause of death Respiratory failure cause by accidental heroin intoxication
Other names GG
Musical career
Genres Punk rock, hardcore punk, country, spoken word, outsider music, shock rock
Instruments Vocals, drums, guitar
Years active 1974–1993
Labels Mountain, Ax/tion, Blood, Orange, ROIR, Black and Blue, Homestead, Awareness, Alive/BOMP!
Associated acts The Jabbers, The Scumfucs, Little Sister's Date, Malpractice, Antiseen, The Cedar Street Sluts, Dee Dee Ramone, MC2 (AKA The Motor City Badboys), J Mascis, Mark Kramer, Carolina Shitkickers, Bulge, The Toilet Rockers, The Criminal Quartet, The Texas Nazis, David Peel, Bloody Mess & The Skabs, The Southern Baptists, The Murder Junkies, The Primates

Kevin Michael "GG" Allin (born Jesus Christ Allin; August 29, 1956 – June 28, 1993) was an American punk rock singer. He made music with many bands. He was known for his stage antics that often featured transgressive acts. This included coprophagia, self-mutilation, and attacking audience members.[1] He was called "the most spectacular degenerate in rock & roll history" by G4TV's That's Tough.[2]

Early life[change | change source]

Allin was born at Weeks Memorial Hospital.[2] On March 2, 1962 Allin's name was changed to Kevin Michael Allin by his mother.

Career[change | change source]

Allin's first solo album Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be was released in 1980.

Behavior[change | change source]

Allin had convictions, including assault. He was diagnosed with a mixed personality disorder with borderline, narcissistic and masochistic features.

Death[change | change source]

Allin died on June 28, 1993 from a heroin overdose. He was 36 years old.[3]

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