Game of Death

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Bruce Lee's Nunchaku in Game of Death

Game of Death (Chinese: 死亡遊戲) is a 1978 Hong Kong action movie directed by Robert Clouse. The Bruce Lee character, Billy Lo is archive footage of Hai Tien in The Game of Death (1972). 11 minutes and 7 seconds from by The Game of Death (1972). The 1978 version uses portions of the original footage married to an entirely new plot. Starring with Sammo Hung, Kim Tai-jong and Yuen Biao, Gig Young, Dean Jagger, Colleen Camp, Robert Wall, Hugh O'Brian, Dan Inosanto (the only actor to have starred in both versions: Pascal + 1972 archive footage), Mel Novak and Casanova Wong. Distributed by Golden Harvest.

Game of Death (book)[change | change source]

  • In 1975, before Clouse’s Game of Death or any of the Bruceploitation Game of Death movies came out, a book titled “Game of Death” was published in Japan. It told the story of a former martial arts champion whose sister and brother were kidnapped, and who was blackmailed into raiding a martial artist-filled pagoda to retrieve a priceless artifact. This book claimed to be based on The Game of Death’s original story, and John Little’s discovery of Bruce’s outline, twenty years later, pretty much confirms this. They even got minor details correct, like Kareem having lizard eyes.[1]

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