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Song by The Clash

from the album The Clash

Released 8 April 1977
Recorded 27 February 1977, London
Genre Punk Rock
Language English
Length 3:12
Label CBS
Writer Joe Strummer
Composer Mick Jones
Producer Mickey Foote

Garageland is a song by English punk rock band The Clash, featured on their first album, The Clash.

Writing[change | change source]

Upon The Clash's appearance at the Sex Pistols 'Screen on the Green' concert, NME critic Charles Shaar Murray said:

"The Clash are the kind of garage band who should be returned to the garage immediately, preferably with the engine running,[1][2] which would undoubtedly be more of a loss to their friends and families than to either rock or roll."[3]

The Clash responded immediately by writing the song 'Garageland'.[4] The opening verses are: "Back in the garage with my bullshit detector / Carbon monoxide makes sure it's effective", followed by the chorus: "We're a garage band / We come from garageland", and concluding with "Back in the garage".[5]

Yet, only two years later, Murray was describing the band as "the greatest rock band in the world" in the same paper.

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