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Garech Browne by Irish artist Reginald Gray.

The Hon. Garech Domnagh Browne (25 June 1939 – 10 March 2018) was an Irish arts patron. He was a member of the titled family of Oranmore and Browne in the West of Ireland. He was a wealthy patron of Irish arts, mainly towards traditional Irish music. He was often known by the Irish designation of his name, Garech de Brún. He was born in Chapelizod, Republic of Ireland.

Browne stated that he would rather have not been born, and considers it "frightful to bring anyone into this world".[1] Browne was a friend and patron of British artist Francis Bacon and in January 2017 was featured in the BBC documentary Francis Bacon: A Brush with Violence. [2]

Browne died at his estate in the mountain of Luggala in Wicklow Mountains, Ireland on 10 March 2018 at the age of 78.[3]

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