Gassan Shrine

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Gassan Shrine
Gassan Shrine
Affiliation Shinto
Gassan Shrine is located in Japan
Gassan Shrine
Shown within Japan
Geographic coordinates 38°32′49″N 140°01′33″E / 38.5469°N 140.0258°E / 38.5469; 140.0258Coordinates: 38°32′49″N 140°01′33″E / 38.5469°N 140.0258°E / 38.5469; 140.0258
Glossary of Shinto

Gassan Shrine is a Shinto shrine located on Mount Gassan in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. It used to be a highly ranked national shrine in the Modern system of ranked Shinto Shrines. The main deity worshipped here is Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto. The shrine was established in the year 593.

The shrine celebrates its main festival every year on August 14th.

Mount Gassan is the highest of the Three Mountains of Dewa and is known for its stunning natural beauty. The mountain is home to many unique plants and other vegetation. The path to the peak of Mt. Gassan is the second-highest point in the Shonai Region of Japan. However, due to the heavy snowfall, the mountain can usually only be accessed from late spring to early fall.[1][2][3]

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