Gata Kamsky

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Gata Kamsky
Gata Kamsky.jpg
Full nameGataulla Rustemovich Kamsky
Country United States
Born (1974-06-02) June 2, 1974 (age 48)
Novokuznetsk, USSR
FIDE rating2740
(#17 in the January 2013 FIDE ranking list)
Peak rating2756 (September 2011)

Gata Kamsky [1] (born June 2, 1974) is a Soviet-born American chess grandmaster. Kamsky won the 2010 Grenke Open World Rapid Chess Championship.[2] He is rated #2 in the United States.

Kamsky was a prodigy who reached the final of the FIDE World Chess Championship 1996 at the age of 22, and reached a ranking of fourth in the world in 1996.[3] He played almost no FIDE-rated games between 1997 and late 2004. He was studying medicine at the time.[4]

Kamsky won the Chess World Cup 2007. This earned him a match against Veselin Topalov for the right to challenge for the World Chess Championship 2010, which he lost.[5] Kamsky also played in the Candidates Tournament to determine the challenger for the World Chess Championship 2012. He advanced to the semifinals before losing to Boris Gelfand.

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