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Gennadi Aronovich Vengerov (Russian: Геннадий Аронович Венгеров; 27 August 1959 – 22 April 2015) was a Belarusian-born Russian-German actor and voice artist. He began acting in 1978 on stage, and later in 1987 on television and movies. He had over 150 credits to his name. He was also the Russian voice of the title character of EVE Online and appeared in the movie Enemy at the Gates (2001). In 1990, he moved to German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, and worked as a Deutsche Welle radio announcer.

Vengerov was born in Vitebsk. He served in the Soviet Army until 1983 when he moved to Moscow.

Vengerov died from lung and bone cancer on 22 April 2015 in Düsseldorf. He was 55.[1]

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