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Gennadi Pavlovich Yakovlev (Генна́дий Па́влович Я́ковлев, born June 7, 1938 in Sestroretsk.) is a Russian botanist, former rector of the St. Petersburg Academy of Chemical Pharmaceuticals, former head of the department of pharmacognosy, now a professor of the department of pharmacognosy, part-time leading scientist of the Botanical Institute. V.L. Komarov, taxonomist of higher plants. G.P. Yakovlev is one of the leading experts in the systematics of legumes, as well as a specialist in the field of pharmacognosy.

He took part in projects to study the flora of Cuba, Vietnam, Mongolia, Central Asia, the European part of the USSR, etc.

Works[change | change source]

1967 Заметки по систематике и географии рода Sophora L. и близких родов. // Труды Ленинградского химико-фармацевтического института. Т. 21. — С. 42-62

Some taxa named by GP Yakovlev[change | change source]

  • Ammodendron bifolium (Pall.)Yakovlev [1]
  • Sophora tomentosa L. subsp.australis Yakovlev

Source[change | change source]

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