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Developer(s)Markus Hohenwarter et al
Stable release
6.0.766 / (14 March 2023)
Operating systemWindows, macOS, ChromeOS, Linux; also a web app Edit this on Wikidata

GeoGebra is an interactive geometry, algebra, statistics and calculus applications, intended of learning and teaching mathematics and geometry or science from a primary school to university level. GeoGebra is available on multiple platforms, with apps for desktops (Windows, macOS and Linux), tablets (Android, iPad and Windows) and web. It is owned by Byju's.

History[change | change source]

In early 2001, Geogebra creator, Markus Hohenwarter, announced he want to released a GeoGebra, a software teaching mathematics and geometry as part of his master's thesis at the University of Salzburg. Later that, GeoGebra expanded its offering to include an iPad in 2010, Android and Windows Store app.

In late December 2021, GeoGebra was commicated by edtech conglomerate Byju's for approximately 100 millions USD.

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