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Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based platformer game developed and published by RobTop Games. It started being sold for two dollars on August 13, 2013. Geometry Dash is a game that requires skill. It is a 2D platformer game that involves dodging geometric obstacles (spikes, walls, and creatures) via a series of levels that you can complete. You can also create your own levels in the editor, and play levels made by other people. To finish these levels, you have to get through the whole thing without dying. You can collect items such as coins, stars, orbs, and diamonds. There is a different variety of vehicles in the game.

Gameplay[change | change source]

The player presses the screen to jump, and they must dodge obstacles along the way. Different modes exist that offer varied gameplay styles.

Spinoffs[change | change source]

As an addition to the actual game, there are 3 spinoffs, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World, and Geometry Dash SubZero. You can get other icons in the spinoffs.

Icons[change | change source]

You can get icons by completing quests and achievements, and cracking vaults.

Currency[change | change source]

Currency in Geometry Dash can be easy and hard to collect. Ways to collect currency in Geometry Dash will be by completing quests for diamonds, completing map packs for secret coins and stars, and beating popular levels with all 3 user coins will give you orbs and will unlock user coin achievements.

Vaults[change | change source]

There are 3 different vaults in Geometry Dash. The original Vault which requires 10 user coins, The Vault of Secrets which requires 50 diamonds, and the Chamber of Time which requires the Master Emblem. (sold in Scratch's Shop that requires 500 diamonds) Just as you know in the Icon section, you can unlock different icons by secret codes in the vault. All the vaults say a variety of sentences.

Official RobTop Levels[change | change source]

The original levels of Geometry Dash are the main official levels created by RobTop. All levels are from songs from official artists. Including F-777, DJVI, DJ-Nate, and more. In update 2.1, they released a new level: Fingerdash. As of 2.11, there are 21 levels:

  1. Stereo Madness
  2. Back on Track
  3. Polargeist
  4. Dry Out
  5. Base After Base
  6. Can't Let Go
  7. Jumper
  8. Time Machine
  9. Cycles
  10. XStep
  11. Clutterfunk
  12. Theory of Everything
  13. Electroman Adventures
  14. Clubstep
  15. Electrodynamix
  16. Hexagon Force
  17. Blast Processing
  18. Theory of Everything 2
  19. Geometrical Dominator
  20. Deadlocked
  21. Fingerdash

Level Editor[change | change source]

As originally explained in the original paragraph explaining the main part of the game, the level editor combines different blocks, spikes, and decorations for you to add and create to your very own level. The level editor also allows you to do different things for a level. Background color changing, invisibility, and movement triggers, and different variety of changes to your level creation. Update 2.11 contains different kinds of things to the additional Geometry Dash. Geometry Dash SubZero is currently in update 2.2 and has features of the future of Geometry Dash 2.2's level editor. 2.1 added multiple different things to the level editor. Including dash orbs, the new spider vehicle, and a new orb. A push-down orb. The color of the orb is black.

Accounts[change | change source]

Accounts in Geometry Dash will save all your progress and you can sync it with other devices. If you have more on one device and load a different device's progress, the progress will combine together. Stars, orbs, diamonds, coins, icons, and all vehicles. Every level that you have beaten will add to what you have done with the other device. Saving with more progress that you have will be recommended for you to add on more progress to other devices.

Leaderboards[change | change source]

Leaderboards show who is the best in Geometry Dash. Sadly, leaderboards haven't been updated. There are global leaderboards to show who is best globally, and there are also Creator leaderboards to show who's the best Geometry Dash level creator. There also counts for friends. Also for other leaderboards.

Gauntlets[change | change source]

Gauntlets are packs of really decorated levels of a certain type of decoration. Such as fire, ice, shadow, poison, custom, demon, death, lava, chaos, time, crystal, magic, spike, monster, doom. Although, one gauntlet is locked. The demon gauntlet is locked and can only be unlocked by the locked up demon guardian. The demon guardian is locked up in the door that's in the Vault of Secrets. In order to unlock him out, you have to beat the Chaos Gauntlet, get to the Chamber of Time, and lock 50 demon chests in the Treasure Room.

Updates[change | change source]

RobTop has added multiple updates for them to increase fans and get more money and continue making more updates. Starting from 1.7, things started to get crazy. The level Electrodynamix was then created. From then, more of each vehicle was added. Update 2.0 added a new vehicle. It added the robot vehicle. Also, 2.1 added a new vehicle. It was the spider. Multiple things had came at once. 2.11 introduced cool things. It had introduced 5 key chests in the Treasure Room.