George Turner (artist)

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George Turner
GeorgeTurner the artist.jpg
from the Keene studios
Born 2 April, 1841
Died 29 Mar, 1910
Nationality British
Occupation Landscape painter
Spouse(s) Eliza Lakin
Kate Stevens Smith
Children yes

George Turner (2 April 1841 – 29 Mar 1910) was an English landscape artist and farmer. He was also called "Derbyshire's John Constable".

Life and work[change | change source]

Turner was born in Cromford, Derbyshire in England, then moved to Derby with his family. His father Thomas Turner was a tailer and favoured art works, so he adviced his son to learn art and music. Turner made progress mainly by himself, and became a professional painter and art teacher.

A quiet scene in Derbyshire (1885)

Turner lived in Derbyshire all his life. In 1865 he married Eliza Lakin (1837 - 1900), and worked as a part-time farmer raising four children at Walnut farm in Barrow upon Trent.[1] After Eliza's death in 1900, he moved to Kirk Ireton and later married fellow artist Kate Stevens Smith (1871-1964) - they set up home in Idridgehay, and he died there in 1910. His son William Lakin Turner (1867-1929) also became a famous landscape oil painter.[2]

Most of Turner's paintings are of Derbyshire where he lived. They show old English countryside before the coming of modernization. His work was exhibited in Nottingham and Birmingham. Turner was a member of the Art Committee of Derby Art Gallery and the city has both his and his son's paintings.[2][3]

Notes[change | change source]

  1. George and Eliza Turner had four children: Mary Turner (later Chamberlain then Woore) (1868-1937), Florence Palmer Turner (1869-1955), William Lakin Turner (1867-1929) and Percy Reed Turner (1871 - 1936).
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Further reading[change | change source]

  • Long, Frederick J. George Turner the Derbyshire Artist, 1841-1910 (1995)

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