Georgia's 6th congressional district

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Georgia's 6th congressional district is a suburban congressional district in the United States state of Georgia, based in the Atlanta metro area. The district has been represented by Democrat Lucy McBath in the House of Representatives since January of 2019.[1] Due to its location in Georgia's northern suburbs,[1] the district has swung dramatically toward the Democratic Party from the Republicans over the past six years. It voted for Republican Mitt Romney in 2012 by 61-37%, but when Donald Trump ran in 2016, it voted for him by just 48-47%, and then for Democrat Joe Biden in 2020, 55-44%. Reflecting this, the district's Cook PVI wemt from R+8 in 2019 (meaning it was eight points more Republican than the nation) to D+1 in 2021 (meaning that it was one point more Democratic than the nation).[2][3]

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